A Rich And Fulfilling Life Is Mirrored Here.

Her mind seething with images, Piera writes “Painting fills my time and my thoughts. Each work I do is a challenge and prepares me for the next encounter. I translate into painterly idioms the subjects which inspire me - vital, energetic, colourful - the whole of life, with its abundance, is the realm of the painter.”

Immensely Varied In Size And Medium, The Work Is On Both Canvas And Paper.

Piera sometimes uses the technique of “marouflage”, which means the bonding of two surfaces together, giving power over large paper work, by mounting it irrevocably onto a canvas backing, thus rendering it as indestructible as anything can be.  There is no doubt that an amused eye, a highly developed colour sense,  and a great linear ability give Piera’s paintings their unique and occasionally outrageous quality. Here we have a kaleidoscopic view of humanity in everlasting performance during years spent in sophisticated capitals of the world. Nourished by access to museums, galleries and cultural life, Piera shepherded a large family and proudly followed her husband through the vicissitudes of a brilliant diplomatic career - South America and Europe - Santiago, Madrid, Lisbon, the Vatican, Paris, Rome, New York, Brussels, Moscow - these were the scenes of her painterly life - working, thinking, learning.

Now, As Always, In Total Pursuit Of Her Vision, Piera Lives And Works In New Zealand. Her Paintings Widely Collected And Loved. Her Work Is Known For Its Colour And Its Optimistic Energy. Humanity Parades Through It.

She writes “The Battle is always on! Recognition may be desirable, but what if the end of the struggle brought complacency? Surely this is the saddest fate for the creative spirit. There are successes in the painter’s life that do not depend on the public arena. To be a painter is a gift from the Gods and not for a minute may you neglect this great love affair.”